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"Madam President, with this reform we in the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament want to make the common agricultural policy (CAP) fairer, more equitable and more suited to the times in which we live, when the issues of the legitimacy of aid in relation to society and of food safety and food security in the broadest sense are more relevant than ever. We have succeeded in seeing our main concerns included in this report. They include the need to maintain an adequately funded common agricultural policy for the Union. I must stress that we shall not agree to the withdrawal of any financial resources in order to guarantee the enforcement of the CAP. We want a fairer distribution of aid both among Member States and among farmers, through the introduction of a new system not linked to production but based on environmental and social criteria; that is to say, one that promotes employment. We must also orient the CAP towards real farmers and create a specific mechanism for small farmers. I am sure that with Parliament’s strengthened role under the Treaty of Lisbon we will be able to translate these goals, which for now are merely theoretical, into concrete actions."@en1

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