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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the hard work done by the rapporteur, Mr Dess, and the shadow rapporteurs – and I congratulate them all, of course – is today entering its final stage. A new common agricultural policy (CAP) means a lot to Europe for the future of its agriculture and the survival of vast rural areas. The new CAP must enable people to enjoy an adequate supply of quality food, as well as being able to sustain the production of non-marketable public assets. To achieve the goals indicated, there is a need for further, more effective and especially simpler instruments for farmers, together with easier access to funding and less red tape. We also need market instruments to combat effectively the unfortunately recurrent crises, and also instruments to prevent and insure against the risks inherent to agriculture. We need a CAP for young people, to whom we can entrust the agriculture of the future. We have decided to promote protection of biodiversity and of the countless regional and production specificities of the European Union through a rural development policy that will enhance all the natural and human potential of rural areas. At the same time we must seek to make farming businesses competitive. That is why I would like to impress on the Commission the need to include technology transfer measures in rural development. As approved in the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, I confirm the importance of supporting the introduction of ceilings for direct payments awarded to large economic players. I think the introduction of a system of degressivity of aid as the size of a holding increases above a certain threshold is necessary to avoid overcompensating larger holdings that already enjoy major economies of scale. I cannot avoid underlining the need for adequate financing for the CAP. This House cannot accept a rural development funding cut."@en1

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