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"Mr President, Commissioner, the report presented today outlines a new direction for the common agricultural policy. It includes graduated public funding that reflects employment and environmental considerations, the fact that agriculture produces public goods and the concept of active farmers. However, we have seen too many good intentions that have never improved life for working farmers. Let us bear in mind the scenes being acted out right now in our rural areas. Although the idea of a safety net is attractive, it is not enough. We need to return to public intervention mechanisms in order to guarantee basic prices for small and medium-sized farmers. Bringing together economic, social and ecological efficiencies will also put an end to the ultra-liberal free trade model that is currently destroying family farms. The European Union needs to strive for radical changes in the World Trade Organisation and to work more closely with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) so as to return to cooperation systems that include variable customs duties at the border. We also need far more research funding in Europe. Lastly, we need to ensure that the budget for the policy is maintained …"@en1
"(The speaker concluded off-microphone)"1

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