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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, let me begin by congratulating our rapporteur, Mr Dess, the shadow rapporteurs and other contributors on the work that they have done to draft this text. In my opinion, it is both balanced and ambitious. We will be voting on the report tomorrow. Almost six months after Mr Lyon drafted his report setting out the European Parliament’s views on the common agricultural policy (CAP) post-2013, the European Commission decided to draw on the report by including many of its ideas in the communication issued on 18 November 2010. The new report, which was adopted almost unanimously by the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, affirms the new direction that we would like the common agricultural policy to take in the coming years. Our farmers are not there to produce mere commodities, or wares to sell. They are there, above all, to produce food for Europe’s 500 million citizens, but also to help to feed the rest of the world. Stating it in these terms is not just semantics: it is a philosophical choice that we are making. Mr Dess’s report endorses a positive approach to agriculture’s environmental and ecological contribution and therefore appeals for a reduction of the often onerous administrative procedures generated by European and national legislation. By arguing in favour of graduated direct payments and a review of the regulatory instruments, the report also provides a new perspective on social perception of the CAP and of global trade. As we speak, the G20 in Paris is beginning discussions on regulating the global commodities markets, with particular reference to agricultural commodities. Parliament’s approach, then, has not been defined in a vacuum, where we are cut off from the world. Rather, it is part of the wider deliberations on how to come up with a global response to a global challenge. As with Mr Lyon’s report one year ago and Mr Garriga Polledo’s report on the financial perspectives last month, tomorrow we will be voting in favour of maintaining the agricultural budget for the 2014-2020 programming period. I am sure that it will be a close-run thing, but we do need to take a stand and to make choices, because we will not have the money to do everything ..."@en1

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