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"− Mr President, my apologies! Please start timing. I wish to present a number of comments from the opinion of the Committee on Regional Development. It is a shame that they were not fully incorporated into the report of the Committee on Agriculture. They are as follows. Food security at EU and global level and globalisation necessitate a new and strong common agricultural policy, which will firstly improve our competitiveness on the international market, secondly ensure a fair income for farmers, thirdly ensure that consumers can buy high-quality products at fair prices, fourthly ensure the sustainable development of rural areas and fifthly help to improve the state of the environment. In order to accomplish these tasks, objective, transparent and simplified criteria need to be established, which guarantee equal support for farmers in all Member States under the direct payments system. It is time to move away from the use of historical payments. The CAP should incorporate measures for regulation of and intervention in the agricultural market, and a risk management mechanism. Finally, the CAP should pay more attention to small, family-owned agricultural holdings, given the need for diversification to... ("@en1

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