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"− Mr President, Commissioner, today we are debating the common agricultural policy. A lot of people criticise the common agricultural policy, because they believe that it has caused environmental damage and has in the past and even today continues to put developing countries at risk on numerous counts, especially in terms of agriculture and development. Those who levy this criticism are right, but those calling for a reduction in funding for the common agricultural policy are wrong. The common agricultural policy is not just a policy for agriculture; it is an instrument for redistributing resources from the towns of Europe to the countryside. It is the European citizens in the countryside who take care of our forests, rivers and lakes and who give us food, clean air and water. We need to provide incentives for them to make changes where changes are needed. However, if we want to apply serious policy, we should increase funding for our agricultural policy, for a fairer, more effective and more viable common agricultural policy."@en1

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