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"The Schengen area will be one of the issues discussed at the Council’s forthcoming meeting. In this context, I would like to draw the House’s attention to the ever-increasing number of people talking about the reintroduction of border checks. Denmark was planning to take a decision to this effect. The reasons given, namely the fight against cross-border crime and the increase in illegal immigration, are very serious problems, but they cannot be solved by closing the borders. This course of action runs counter to EU regulations on the free movement of goods and services. It will also result in a rise in xenophobia and a growth in the influence of parties proclaiming populist and nationalist slogans. What we need most of all is joint and more effective solutions for protecting the EU’s external borders and uniform standards for all Member States as far as immigration policy is concerned. In this context, I would call on the European Commission either to uphold its resolute opposition to a reintroduction of border checks or to establish joint, uniform and reasonable rules, criteria and mechanisms for a possible reintroduction."@en1

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