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"Mr President, what the serious economic and social situation affecting several Member States of the Union deserves from this forthcoming June European Council is very careful consideration, deep reflection on its causes, and acceptance of responsibility for the increasingly neoliberal Union policies, such as privatisations and the devaluing of labour, which are causing more social inequality, greater economic divergence, and more unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. The Council members are indifferent to the struggle of workers and ordinary people and, unfortunately, what they are proposing is to make permanent the neoliberal policies that have already led to serious crises in Greece and Ireland and are threatening Portugal and other Member States. In the end, what they are trying to do is to make it easier to gain more profit from capital and from greater financial speculation, and always at the expense of the same groups as ever: workers, micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers and people affected by these investment cuts and austerity policies."@en1

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