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"Mr President, the Council will bring the Hungarian Presidency to an end. The efforts of this Presidency should be commended for completing important dossiers, including some extremely controversial ones. This is a very important meeting because it will be seen whether the European semester is going to be implemented. The recommendations must be applied by Member States to prevent stability being jeopardised. Now is the time when Member States need to prove their responsible commitment to abiding by the new mechanism. Stability or convergence programmes and domestic reform programmes are needed, but are not enough. Agreement must be reached on the meaning of economic governance. Parliament has achieved a compromise with great effort, which I hope will be supported by the vote tomorrow. It is the Council’s turn to adopt this package of paramount importance to the Union. The Schengen area has been a major talking point recently. The evaluation mechanism obviously needs to be revamped. Reintroducing borders unilaterally is not a solution. If a Member State is unable to meet its external border responsibilities, support measures and the involvement of Frontex are required. If the situation is not resolved, the Council, at the Commission’s suggestion, can decide by qualified majority to reintroduce border controls for a limited period. I believe that introducing borders unilaterally, as is happening at the moment, is not a solution. Approval of the Presidency’s report on the means for promoting Roma inclusion in the European Union and of the conclusions concerning the launch of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region may mark important steps in the implementation of these vital policies for the European Union."@en1

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