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"Mr President, the first precaution to be taken if we want to prevent a large-scale blaze is to stop playing with fire. I agree with President Barroso when he states that the Greek Government must do everything it can to put its house in order so that the European Union can, in turn, take action. In other words, Greece must regain its credibility. Does the same call for responsible behaviour not deserve to be addressed to all the governments in the EU? Are all the political leaders aware of the impact of the statements they have made about Greece over the last 18 months? The time has come for the European Council to put a stop, tomorrow, to the discord among its members. Four things are needed in order to prevent the Greek crisis from having a much-feared domino effect across the entire euro area: firstly, a united Greece with an economic and budgetary recovery plan; secondly, a European Union and a Euro Group which are united by the same objective; thirdly, a little more time than initially planned, particularly for privatisations; and fourthly, solidarity which is properly understood and which comprises not only new loans, but also, and above all, technical assistance from its partners, and in particular from the Commission."@en1

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