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"Mr President, may I start by adding my thanks to those expressed by Mrs Tzavela – and I wish to thank her for that – to the parliaments and people of Europe for the support which they have given and are continuing to give to my country. As developments over the last few days have illustrated, Greece is determined to continue with and make a success of its efforts to restructure its finances and promote structural reform. However, if these efforts are to be crowned with success, two conditions need to be satisfied. The first condition is that we must be able to give the people not just austerity, but also positive prospects, prospects of growth, prospects of employment and prospects of new jobs. The second condition is that we need an environment of security and support from the European Union, an environment of political cohesion because, throughout the crisis and, in particular, over the last few weeks, we have seen an informal public dialogue between European capitals, the European Commission and the European Central Bank, with the credit rating agencies acting as a strange sort of referee, in connection with the much talked about involvement of the private sector in the new Greek bail-out. This strange sort of refereeing does not do credit either to the European Union or to political union. We need to silence this cacophony, because it is only in an environment of political cohesion that we can hope for the right conditions that will allow the tremendous efforts being made by the Greek people to be crowned with success."@en1

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