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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, on the subject of Greece I will say that one only needs to listen to what has been discussed to realise what stage European governance is at. In fact it is steering by sight, with no precise aims. We have not been told anything for which I would keep my fingers crossed if I were a Greek citizen – perhaps a Greek worker or a small Greek entrepreneur facing ruin. As regards immigration, I have heard Italy criticised for not wanting to accept any refugees. A few hours ago, however, Mrs Malmström issued a public statement saying that when the tragedy of the Libyan exodus began everyone undertook to receive at least 800 refugees per country. In practice, nobody is receiving them, and she highlighted the positive case of Norway. They land in Lampedusa and a few in Malta, and we are the only ones taking them in. Italy has received them. Italy. People were talking about Minister Bossi, and there is also the Home Affairs Minister, Mr Maroni: both ministers are from this racist party, which has received the refugees. Unless there is proof to the contrary, that is the truth. Lastly there is the Croatia chapter. It is very important for Croatia to join, but it is also important to remember that the Pope warned the Croats to beware of a bureaucratic, centralist structure."@en1

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