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"Mr President, after an era of openness, tolerance and enthusiasm for Europe, we have seen in recent years a deterioration of our unity and a division among Europeans, even in this House, on issues such as freedom of movement, immigration, national interest and, above all, money. Unfortunately, this global economic crisis highlights the worst of our nationalist and populist views. The chaos of daily declarations on Greece by national politicians and stakeholders is only adding to the confusion and creating more speculation on the markets. The risk of contamination of every single Member State is a real one. While Greece shares its burden of responsibility in its crisis, our European leaders share theirs as well. If a year ago the EU had shown a unified and total commitment to helping Greece, we would not now be jumping from one rescue plan to another. We do not need more technical solutions. What we need is cohesion, determination and unity, because what we are playing is a psychological war and what the market is testing is Europe’s unity, not the Greek austerity plan. It is crucial to send an unequivocal message of support and encouragement that Europe is standing behind Greece. In addition, we should lower the interest rate and show more flexibility in accessing EU funds. Besides, Greece must also be ready to take its fate in its hands. While reforms and austerity measures are necessary, we should also remember that this is not enough in the long term to recover. We must go back to the basics, encourage investment and promote growth. I hope that tomorrow no European leader will default on solidarity, because Greece is just a page in the book which is Europe; so if we stand by Greece, we stand by Europe."@en1

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