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". Mr President, I would just like to answer two concrete questions that were put to me. I will not enter into this ideological discussion against Europe in which, may I say, it is interesting to see the extreme right and extreme left united against the euro and against the European project. That is why I want once again to appeal to all the democratic forces in Europe, in this Parliament, in Greece, to unite in a consensus to do everything possible to ensure growth and prosperity in Europe. The two concrete questions were about the financial tax and about our position on reverse qualified majority. On the financial tax, I want to confirm that the proposal that the Commission will put forward, probably in October, will be on a financial transaction tax. We have made an impact assessment. We believe there are two possibilities: a financial transaction tax and a financial activities tax. We have decided to come forward now with a proposal on a financial transaction tax, one reason being precisely that there is no equivalent of VAT for financial transactions. So we will come forward with that proposal by October. The second issue was raised by Mr Verhofstadt. I want to make it clear that the Commission supports Parliament on reverse qualified majority voting. We have been supporting your ambitious position. At the same time – and Olli Rehn will have the opportunity to address you later this afternoon – we will make a strong appeal to you and to the Council to see if it is possible to come to a final agreement. Because we also believe that, thanks to Parliament’s positions, great progress has been achieved in terms of the package that is now up for consideration. I want to congratulate you, the Parliament, those that have been working most on this matter, and also the Hungarian Presidency of the Council, as it has done some very important work as well. At the end, I want to say to all of you that, in terms of responsibility, the cost of not having an agreement on this matter will be extremely high, considering the current situation. The Commission supports the Community approach. The Commission supports the greatest possible ambition, which is the line that I think that you are also defining. These are the concrete answers to the concrete questions."@en1

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