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"Mr President, last Tuesday Mr Barroso said that Greece can count on European support. ‘Europe will deliver’, he said. What does Mr Barroso actually base this power upon? Is it not the case that financial aid for Greece is expressly prohibited under the Treaty of Lisbon? Is it not the case that national parliaments have to approve such aid individually? Is it not the case that they are also allowed to say ‘no’? The power of the Commission is expanding further and further. It is time we put a stop to that. The Commission sees itself as the governor of all European countries, as the ultimate decision-maker under the leadership of Mr Barroso. Mr Barroso was not elected democratically. No European citizen voted for this man. I have but one word for a government that rules without democracy, and that word is ‘dictatorship’. A bureaucratic dictatorship that wants to subjugate the Greeks and that also wants to call the shots in the Netherlands. It is unacceptable that Mr Barroso should decide whether the Netherlands should grant aid. There is only body that can rule on whether the Netherlands should help Greece and that is the Dutch Parliament. Granting aid to Greece is useless. It harms the Dutch economy and Dutch citizens. On that point, Mr Barroso was actually right. After all, on Tuesday, he also said himself that, even if the Greek debt disappeared by magic, the problem would not be resolved. The European summit really cannot reach any other conclusion. The only long-term solution to this problem is for the Greeks to reintroduce the drachma, which could be devalued on its own. That way, the other Member States would not have to pick up the tab."@en1

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