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". Mr President, if we look at Greece at the moment, we can also learn something. Austerity demands as well as the call to sell off the last of the state-owned silver will not rescue Greece. However, everything is just continuing as before. Before calling for commitments, yet more austerity measures and privatisations are being demanded. At the same time, the attempt is still being made, by means of the European semester, to push this bankruptcy experience as a model for the Member States. The whole situation has gone so far that we are considering the establishment of a privatisation agency based on the German Treuhand model. Mr Lange, the German Treuhand agency did a number of positive things. However, it also brought about massive de-industrialisation and a squandering of state assets. The consequences can still be felt today. I do not wish to represent this arrogantly as the mistakes of others, however. Billions in additional aid for Greece without a clear change of course are nothing more than a safety net for the banks. In this regard, we can also do without the voluntary participation of the private sector, so we are told. In that case, I would say that this is a political belly flop. Things will just carry on as before. The only alternative in my view is a radical change in our financial and economic policy. However, we lack the courage to do this. The causes of the crisis are not being dealt with. That is where the problem lies. We lack the courage to bring about more democracy and transparency and to conduct less political activity behind closed doors. This puts the European idea at risk and allows narrow-minded nationalism to gain ground. I would ask that clear signals be sent out from the summit, but the signal must not be ‘let us carry on as before’."@en1

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