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"By voting for the Garriga Polledo report, the European Parliament has made its voice heard on the future of the European budget and put forward an ambitious proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework. The request to increase the post-2013 EU budget by 5%, and therefore to increase the total European Union GNI from 1.06% to 1.11%, corresponds to a desire to honour commitments made to support growth and development, first and foremost, the Europe 2020 strategy, for which adequate resources are needed. It is important, in fact, to remember the added value of the European budget, which can act as a driver for economic growth, research and development and employment, particularly for young people, alongside national budgets. The report also reinforces Parliament’s position in favour of new financial instruments, such as the tax on financial transactions and Eurobonds, which are an opportunity for the European economy. It is now down to the Commission to take up Parliament’s ambition, presenting its proposals for the next European financial framework and not falling victim to the restrictive budget policies of Member States."@en1

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