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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I believe Mr Albertini was right because as rapporteur, he had four minutes for his speech and two for his reply. I therefore take the liberty of pointing out that he should have his four minutes. For my part, I think this has been a useful and important debate, which shows how united Parliament is and how ready it is to offer its support for consistent and effective external action by Europe. We have not only heard recriminations for the obvious limitations shown by Europe in recent events, but we have also heard proposals offering a kind of strategic partnership between Parliament and the other institutions in order to make Europe a credible actor in security and defence matters. I believe this partnership would be not only an opportunity but a necessity as well because, if what we have been saying is true, which is that Europe’s integrated approach is its main potential, achieving that integrated approach will require the support of a body endowed with clear legislative and budgetary powers. For that reason as well, I think we should find a balanced solution to the matter of interparliamentary cooperation. It has become clear from the discussion how we must act. We must first of all assess the possibilities offered by the Treaty: by permanent structured cooperation and by Article 44, which makes it possible to delegate the task of carrying out a mission to particular Member States, but within an EU procedural framework, which is not the same thing as renationalisation. We need to make use of existing structures – starting with the European External Action Service – and set ourselves ambitious tasks in the field of capabilities. Of course, we also need to know how to offer leadership ability. We would like to thank Baroness Ashton for her commitment and for the important statements she has made. It is an attractive thought, as she said, that a small group can do great things, but Europe is a great civilised power which cannot shirk its responsibilities."@en1

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