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"Mr President, economic growth of 7%, a large increase in the number of children attending primary school, more countries whose people are demanding democracy: in the least developed countries in Africa, much progress has been made in the past 10 years. These countries have worked for better governance and mobilised their own financial resources. The rich countries’ particular contribution has been debt relief and ensuring the availability of vaccines. However, we are not there yet, because rapid economic growth in the poorest countries has not gone hand in hand with a proportional reduction in poverty. The list of the poorest countries has remained virtually unchanged for decades. The number of people living on less than USD 1 a day has decreased, but the number of people living on less than USD 2 a day remains the same. The rich countries have kept corrupt regimes in place, rather than considering a fair sharing of resources. It is therefore absurd and cynical to say that development is not working. We have not given it enough of a chance. The UN conference in Istanbul will have to draw some conclusions from this. Much more attention needs to be given to the equitable distribution of wealth within the poorest countries themselves. This will provide stability and a fair distribution. This will eliminate tensions and bring peace. Social justice will also do much more to bring about economic development than the inequality of dictatorships ruled by a small clique at the top. Countries with democracy achieve fair distribution much faster than dictatorships. Good governance will bring us closer to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. We also need to do more for public health. For a family in a poor country, disease is a financial disaster. Disease is a luxury which no one can afford. We must therefore work towards financing healthcare through health insurance, so that not only vaccines are available, but also good hospitals and clinics."@en1

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