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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, this has been an important debate which I think has clearly shown the existence of broad consensus among the political groups over the assessments and general direction of the report. With a few exceptions, Parliament is truly speaking with one voice and that is important. We are saying yes to the permanent stability mechanism though we cannot hide some confusion and concern which, as we have learnt, is also shared by the Commission, even though we would have liked to read of these concerns in the opinion of the Commission on the procedure selected. We are open to showing practicality and a sense of responsibility in noting that the political conditions do not exist to set up a European mechanism today and, nevertheless, we have shown and continue to show determination in our desire to help insert the mechanism into the Union’s legal and procedural framework, whilst also respecting the Treaties. Our proposals are clear, but now I think the crucial issue is another. Is the European Council willing to start up a real discussion with Parliament on its proposals and is the Commission willing to take an active role in this discussion? I should like to underline that Parliament has taken what I would call a customary decision to postpone the vote to 24 March. I think this is an important sign: this is a responsible Parliament, but I think the Council also needs to show this sense of responsibility by taking Parliament’s proposals into consideration."@en1

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