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"Madam President, Commissioner, I am pleased that the European Parliament has managed to initiate a debate on the possibility of exploiting gas from non-conventional energy sources, such as shale gas, tight gas and coalbed methane. In view of the Energy Council’s recent conclusions on energy and the broad public debate, I believe that shale gas may, in the long term, become one of the ways in which energy sources can be diversified. The European Union should not preach to the converted; instead, it should take a closer look at the United States, for example, to see how the extraction of shale gas has already revolutionised the energy market there. Assuming that this will have even greater consequences for the global market in the future, obtaining shale gas should also be a priority for Europe, in particular, because resources of the gas exceed conventional gas reserves in the European Union fourfold, according to the Second Strategic Energy Review. Commissioner, the European Union should carry out initial analyses of the extraction of shale gas in Europe. The potential for shale gas has already been noted in Germany, France, Romania, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Great Britain, among others. If possible, financial support should be provided for research programmes, which would allow safe and economically viable technologies for extracting gas from non-conventional energy sources to be developed. I will permit myself to ask two questions. Firstly, is the Commission taking steps to carry out initial analyses of the possibility of exploiting gas from alternative sources in Europe, and is it preparing technical and economic feasibility studies of such extraction in the context of work on the energy infrastructure priorities between now and 2020? My second question is as follows; has the Commission made any provision in the planned 2014-2020 financial perspective for support for geological research with a view to estimating the potential of existing deposits and the possibility of extracting shale gas in Europe, which will accelerate technological development in the field?"@en1

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