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"Madam President, Mrs Győri, Commissioner Füle, I would like to congratulate the rapporteur, Mr Charles Tannock, on the achievement represented by the resolution on Montenegro, on which we will be voting tomorrow. Montenegro is a major hope for the process of European Union enlargement across the Western Balkans. Montenegro is a state and society without any objective problems which might prevent it from doing what is necessary to attain membership of the European Union. However, its neighbours, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, have not been so fortunate. The European Commission’s seven key priorities are clear and I would suggest that Prime Minister Igor Lukšić’s government addresses them in a determined fashion and in this way opens negotiations on Montenegro’s full membership. In doing so, the government should rely on Montenegro’s civil society, free-thinking intellectuals and non-governmental organisations. The critics are not Montenegro’s enemies, the independent media are not enemies, but a valuable asset for Montenegro. Obviously, combating corruption and organised crime remains key. In the words of a Montenegrin folk song: ‘Montenegro may be small, but it is honourable and fair’."@en1

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