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"Madam President, allow me to join in the chorus of praise for rapporteur Swoboda’s approach and work. I sincerely hope that, for Croatia and for Mr Swoboda, this really will be the last report and that Croatia will join us as soon as possible. In any case, membership will allow Croatia to make up for some of the time it has lost in joining the EU. Indeed, if we go by the stage of development of Croatia’s economy, society, culture and arts, this country could easily have joined the group of countries which joined the European Union seven years ago. I suggest that the authorities in Zagreb take advantage of Croatia’s accession to the European Union in order to tackle decisively the culture of corruption and crime. Developing the freedoms of objective media and protecting objective journalists working for the Croatian public television broadcaster is another matter of paramount importance. Croatia’s accession to the EU will mean that we are embracing and holding out a hand to the Balkan region. I look forward to us working together with our Croatian colleagues to bring stabilisation and progress to this, still turbulent, region."@en1

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