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"Mr President, the political life of Albania has been at an impasse since the parliamentary elections in 2009. The parliament cannot exercise its supervisory role over the government, and parliamentary institutions are, unfortunately, not operating effectively. The fact that the socialists are accusing the government of electoral fraud and corruption, demanding its resignation and early elections before those due in 2013, as well as the fact that Prime Minister Berisha is unwilling to resign and is accusing the opposition of attempting to come into power by force, indicate that negotiations with the European Union are doomed to fail very quickly. The European Union considers it vital for candidate countries to step up their efforts in the fight against corruption and organised crime. This is not only important for the EU, but is also beneficial for the society of the countries concerned, not to mention that it can contribute to the improvement of the image of the candidate countries. For this reason, the settlement of the current situation will definitely require the restoration of democratic institutions."@en1

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