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"Madam President, I too share the sentiments of my colleagues who have drawn attention to the persecution of the political opposition in Romania, using the legal instruments of a government showing ever-growing evidence of authoritarian abuses. With its popularity rating in free fall and in the wake of a set of austerity measures of brutal severity, having a drastic impact on living standards, the Romanian Government is resorting to increasingly violent antidemocratic methods to hold on to power. As my colleagues have said, the unjustified and harsh arrest of a prominent member of the opposition, elected directly by the citizens, is the most recent and worrying example in a series of threats and acts of harassment against opposition groups. At the same time, the state budget is being plundered by the government’s political supporters whose chaotic measures are deepening the economic and social crisis and increasing social tension to an alarming extent. This is why we are also protesting together against the attacks which are being carried out in an attempt to intimidate opposition politicians and trade unions. I believe that EU forums must take a stance against the blatant violations of democratic rights in Romania."@en1

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