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"Madam President, as promised in the Citizens’ Agora that the European Parliament organised last week, I should like to relay here the cries of indignation brought to us by the various social organisations that joined us in debates on the economic and financial crisis and its serious consequences of increased unemployment, social inequalities and poverty, despite the fact that 2010 was declared European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. It was requested there that the activities and work of the European Parliament should reflect the indignation of organisations involved in combating poverty, given the social consequences of the crisis and the severity and extent of poverty. Of the innumerable glaring examples of exploitation, poverty, discrimination and social exclusion, and of the various proposals, demands and suggestions, I would stress those that refer to the role that the European Parliament should play in condemning the situation. Specifically, it should create a taskforce charged with monitoring the consequences of the crisis in the social sphere, and of the measures taken by the Council and the Commission following decisions by the European Parliament, such as those related to the minimum income…"@en1

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