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"Madam President, today, in a noteworthy atmosphere of unanimity, the European Parliament accepted the call by its President, Mr Buzek, for the European Union to officially recognise the genocide of the Roma, who were victims of the Nazis during the Second World War. As he said, the Roma have been the most repressed minority for a very long time. But who are we addressing here? Who will apply our jointly decided policies? The Commission ordered a report on European policies on the Roma in 18 countries in July 2008 and the report has been in its possession since June. I tabled a question on this, because I consider that there is no justification for the delay in publishing such a valuable report. In fact, there has been an international call for it to be published. Mrs Reding replied to my question and promised to publish it by the end of December 2010. It is already February 2011 and the report has still not been published. I should very much like to know why."@en1

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