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"− Madam President, I shall try to provide some answers to the points raised. First of all, we must intensify research, as I already said in my introduction. The Commission is looking at ways in which to increase the funding for its tuberculosis programmes, and one solution could be to top up the EDCTP programme, which I spoke to you about. The programme currently operates with EUR 400 million, of which the Commission provides EUR 200 million. The Commission is also considering the possibility of creating an EDCTP 2 programme, for example. I must also stress, as I have already said to Mr Tănăsescu, that the Commission already dedicates a substantial amount of resources to the tuberculosis research programme. I can even cite you a figure: EUR 65 million have already been allocated to this programme. However, it is clear that this is not enough, and the public-private partnership must also be examined. Having said that, if it comes down to a question of funding vaccine candidates in a clinical phase, the issue of effectiveness will have to be considered. As I told you, the information that we currently have gives us no assurance that significant funding could lead to a positive result. Vitamins are another approach currently being studied, but what we must avoid is the development of resistance. That is perhaps one avenue to be explored, but we must bear in mind the existence of that risk. Let us now speak more generally about health systems in the European Union, as well as in the developing countries. In the European Union, health is, besides, also one of the objectives that the Commission is trying to promote in the Member States, by means of various programmes, including the Europe 2020 Agenda. In other words, it is promoting investment in health. Within the field of research, in one of the research and innovation initiatives, the Commission – and a group of Commissioners in particular – is working on this topic so as to ensure that innovation can be boosted in the Member States to intensify health-related research, in parallel with issues concerning the ageing of the population. As far as developing countries are concerned, the European Union is already achieving a great deal in the area of health with the development fund, and this is a topic to which the Commission will continue to pay full attention in the future. I hope that I have been able, on behalf of the Commission, to provide some answers to your questions. I can only assure you that research remains one of the Commission’s main concerns."@en1

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