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"Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, health is one of the issues that we have yet to resolve in the struggle against poverty. In the Millennium Declaration we committed, first of all, to reducing child mortality; secondly, to improving maternal health; and thirdly to combating AIDS, malaria and many other diseases, including tuberculosis. Nonetheless, all of us here today know that it is those goals that are currently the furthest behind schedule. We must take measures: we must increase funding for health programmes in developing countries. Access to free healthcare systems should be the European Union’s ultimate goal in this area. I believe that support should be given to global initiatives such as vertical funds to aid in the struggle against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. However, Commissioner, it is also necessary to support countries politically and economically, so that they can develop effective healthcare systems. I am convinced that this would be the best way of ensuring the principle of appropriation and allowing the most vulnerable parts of the population access to healthcare."@en1

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