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"Madam President, it is always good to see you in the chair when we are discussing issues about the plights of others. I know you share our concerns. I want to associate myself with the words of Mr Goerens and, indeed, take the Commission a little further. It is quite right that TB is a significant global health concern and, as we know, is the second leading cause of death from infectious diseases worldwide. As we heard, 1.6 million to 2 million people die annually from the disease. EU funding has been instrumental in generating a robust pipeline of innovative TB vaccine candidates, as the Commission said enabling their early stage development by phase 1 and phase 2A clinical trials. Unfortunately – and this is the problem – currently funding mechanisms, including the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, allocate very limited funding to the very costly late-stage clinical trials – phase 2B and phase 3 – which are vital to demonstrate vaccine safety. We have vaccines, but it is vital to demonstrate the safety and the efficacy necessary for licensure. I now welcome the fact that the Commission has said that it is bringing in additional funding, but will the rules for any new EDCTP budget provisions permit funding to be directed to the development and building of clinical trial sites, including epidemiology studies? Is the Commission considering the introduction of competitive funding mechanisms for the late-stage clinical development of innovative new vaccines that address the neglected diseases, such as TB?"@en1

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