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"Madam President, Commissioner, the incidence of tuberculosis worldwide remains a cause of great concern, despite the progress made. The increasing resistance of this disease and insufficient scientific research mean that today almost 2 million people die of it every year. We welcome EU initiatives to combat tuberculosis through this resolution, but we call for more scientific research to be undertaken to develop new forms of vaccine against this disease. Vaccines are the public-health measure that is most effective at protecting Europeans from infectious diseases, but it is also important for healthcare to reach developing countries, so as to contribute to increasing life expectancy and combating poverty. As I said, there has been some progress and we are on the right track, but the EU must redouble its efforts, and call for more coordinated action and integration of European research into combating poverty-related diseases. That is the only way that we will manage to alleviate the tragic situation being experienced in several developing countries. I should like to ask the Commission how it intends to follow up on scientific research efforts in this area, to intensify these efforts, and to translate the results of this research into benefits for people in the light of the Europe 2020 strategy."@en1

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