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"The Geneva Agreement on trade in bananas represents an opportunity for the emerging economies of Latin America, but it also gives rise to new competition between banana producers in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States, the economic development of which essentially relies on the exploitation of their natural resources. We must therefore take care that this new competition is fair. I am also concerned about the bilateral agreements with the EU negotiated by Peru and Colombia so that they may enjoy a preferential rate of customs duty that is lower than that provided in the Geneva Agreement. In these circumstances, I consider that it is now a matter of urgency to implement the Banana Accompanying Measures contained in that agreement, which will enable the ACP countries to modernise this sector and to cope with global competition. I therefore call upon the Council to declare without delay its position on Parliament’s new proposal, so that the ACP countries may benefit from the measures announced for 2010, and I ask the Commission to ensure that the social and environmental requirements are reciprocally respected by producers and exporters outside the ACP. In my opinion, this is essential if all producers are to be put on an equal footing, which is far from the case today."@en1

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