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"Madam President, honourable Members, first let me answer the question which came up very often in this debate: will the Council agree to review the appointment procedure in the regulation? Well I know that the same recital states, for the subsequent designations of the chairpersons, that the opportunity of having a shortlist drawn up by the Commission should be reviewed in a report. I also know that Article 81 of the regulation also makes provision for the review by the Commission to be sent to the European Parliament and the Council by 2 January 2014 and every three years thereafter. So this will give us an opportunity to improve the regulation in due time on the basis of practical experience, and in this spirit I look forward to a constructive dialogue between our institutions to pave the way for the future assessment. . Madam President, the speeches delivered by the Commissioner and me were framed by our respective competences. We received the letter of the Chair of the Economic Committee, and both of us tried to answer questions fitting into our respective competences. I tried to convince you that there are guarantees of independence and, in the creation of the budget, the task of the Council and Parliament, as the two institutions having financial responsibility, is to ensure that these institutions are in operating condition. As such, it seems to me that there is clear task sharing and unambiguous commitment on the part of all institutions. The letter sent today by the Chair of ECOFIN, Minister György Matolcsy, in reply to the letter sent by the Chair of ECON this morning, was written in this spirit, and I trust that, along with the Commission’s opinion, you will find it to be a satisfactory response. The Council and the Presidency-in-Office fully support this. This was the question of Mr Gauzès, which the Commission answered regarding the topics within its competence. I therefore hope that, after this, there will be no obstacles to Parliament supporting the candidates tomorrow, and the supervisory authorities will finally be able to commence their work."@en1

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