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". Madam President, Mrs Győri, Commissioner, thank you for being with us this evening. We are well aware that there was limited time available, so we thank you even more for having begun to answer us. I think it is important to put our motivation clearly into perspective, as my fellow Members have done. What motivates us is that we have fought collectively for months to ensure that there is a ‘before the crisis’ and an ‘after the crisis’, that, in this internal market, which has facilitated the expansion of financial services and banking activities, and we are entirely in favour of all the cross-border work done by the sector, common rules and supervision are brought into line. To be frank, during the negotiations – and with the support of the Commission moreover – it became very clear to us that we were being troublemakers. We saw all too clearly that there were some Member States that wanted to remain in control of the supervision and did not want anyone to poke their noses into their business. Mrs Győri, you tell us that the Council has no say in the appointment of these officials, which is legally correct, but some Member States are lying in ambush. Moreover, the Commissioner pointed out that his departments had to tell some countries to send pre-eminent people. Therefore, this Parliament is doing its work, in trying to ensure independence, resources and the resolve to move forward. We are, of course, aware of our responsibilities. We, more than anyone else, want these authorities to set to work, since we have contributed personally to their emergence. We have no desire to delay their work; I am thinking, for example, of the bank stress tests, which are so important. However, the simple fact is that, as has been pointed out, we will be demanding, we are going to sleep on the issue and take the necessary time to look in detail at what you have told us, each of you in turn, and we will take a decision with a clear conscience. I would like to thank Mr Barnier for having made some very clear statements and I would ask you, Mrs Győri, not to be naive. There is a lot at stake."@en1

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