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"Mr President, the European Union’s fundamental principle is democracy and, given that the vast majority of Southern Sudan’s inhabitants have democratically voted in favour of independence, the European Union must give its support to the immediate creation of the new state. We have to do so because, amongst other reasons, democracy is the foundation for stability, security and prosperity in Africa, as well as in the Mediterranean. In the same vein, I would also stress the international importance that the right to self-determination is taking on as a tool for international relations: we have seen it in Kosovo and we are now seeing it in Southern Sudan. The International Criminal Court itself has concluded that democratic independence processes are perfectly legal under international law. The establishment of borders is returning to where it has to be: democracy. Therefore, in order to strengthen the Union itself, the EU must also be prepared to recognise the right to self-determination of any European countries – such as Catalonia, Scotland or Flanders – that democratically opt for independence."@en1

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