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"Mr President, there are two things that I brought back from the trip to Sudan: firstly, a belief in the viability of Southern Sudan and, secondly, the fact that there is no alternative to this belief in the viability of Southern Sudan. However, as in the case of a small child, it is also necessary to support this young state until it is able to be independent. That is simply what the international community is called on to do. I would like to address two points. Firstly, debt write-off. As an Austrian MEP this is of particular concern to me because, after all, Austria is the largest creditor in the Paris Club. I believe that we have to lead by example here and, even if it is a task for the Member States, it is nevertheless very important that, under the supervision of the European Union, there is excellent coordination of the Member States. The second point that I would like to mention here is the situation of stalemate that we find ourselves in: on the one hand we have the arrest warrant from the International Criminal Tribunal and on the other there is also the will and the need to pay out money from the 10th European Development Fund. I think that we need a swift but very pragmatic solution here."@en1

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