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". Mr President, every sign indicates that the result of the 9 January referendum in Southern Sudan will be virtually unanimous support for independence. That is perfectly understandable, or reasonable, and, indeed, should be welcomed. After all, Southern Sudan has recently left behind it 23 years of civil warfare with the Arab north, in which 2.5 million people were killed and more than 4 million driven out. That is without even mentioning the slavery in the north, to which possibly hundreds of thousands of Southern Sudanese women and children fell victim. Against this historical background, it goes without saying that this youngest state in the making could do with any international assistance it can get in building up its institutions. Now, that process certainly requires a reliable police force. Just last week, I received some worrying reports in connection with that, that is, reports of serious malpractice in the new police academy in Rajaf. I would therefore call for European attention and efforts to help address this, but also, equally, to assist with all the urgent state affairs which Southern Sudan will be facing."@en1

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