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". Mr President, will the situation now improve for the people in Southern Sudan or is the split more in the interests of the West so that we can get control of the oil reserves? In any case, the South has huge challenges ahead. Without a functional infrastructure and with the current disastrous economic situation, civilian assistance and humanitarian aid will be needed for a long time. Unfortunately, the danger of violent conflicts has probably not been eliminated for certain. However, experts believe that this cannot be resolved by military means. On the contrary, a focus on military means prevents a real solution to the conflicts being found. The necessary civilian assistance can be provided much more efficiently without military involvement. The transfer of civilian tasks to the military hinders the sustainable development of civilian structures. An example of this is Darfur. A massive military apparatus has now taken over the tasks of humanitarian and development organisations there, something that has been sharply criticised by these organisations. Our demands are that the focus be on purely civilian conflict management and assistance measures, in other words a reduction of the UN mission to the civilian components and no potential use of EU battle groups. In addition, in terms of a development perspective we call for Sudan’s debt be written off."@en1

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