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"I would like to echo the admiration expressed during the debate in respect of the courage of the people of both Tunisia and Egypt in expressing their discontent and disappointment with their respective regimes. By now the unrest has escalated to the point of no return and the European Union must contribute to the transition process that has been sparked off. There have been some cautious voices calling for sustaining the status quo, especially in Egypt, arguing that overthrowing the regime might lead to a civil war, which in turn might bring religious fundamentalists to power. I find that it is not our business to foretell the possible developments in those countries. I would like to remind you that when the Eastern bloc was on the verge of collapsing, there were still some who would not have rocked the boat for fear of future instability in the region. Let us not make that mistake and instead let us help the people of Tunisia and Egypt to lay the foundations for true democracies in the best way we can. I am confident that Islam and democracy are not incompatible – Indonesia, a democracy, has the largest Muslim population in the world."@en1

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