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"The UN announced yesterday that over 200 people have died as a result of the disturbances accompanying the revolution in Tunisia. This is the tragic side of the events in the South which have come as such a surprise. It should compel every one of us to make all the more effort to achieve democratisation of both this country and the region as a whole, particularly since the old order is collapsing before our eyes in Egypt as well. Unfortunately, there could be no question of the European Union singing from the same hymn sheet. Let us not delude ourselves that the newly-established EU diplomacy will play a leading role from the outset, when the individual Member States have such strong particularistic interests. In the case of Tunisia, however, the instruments at our disposal are perhaps less spectacular, but they are capable of producing very tangible results. They include the EU neighbourhood policy, which is currently undergoing a review, and which should be modified appropriately in the view of current events. They also include the possibility of sending an EU observation mission, and there is probably no longer anyone who needs convincing of the need to do so. These are concrete tasks to which the European Parliament must now turn its attention."@en1

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