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"Experts believe that the riots in Tunisia have caused a domino effect. It is highly likely that the next country in the region to experience change, after Tunisia and Egypt, will be Yemen. Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Syria and Morocco have also been mentioned. Globalisation, and the accompanying free flow of information, is opening the eyes of the citizens of these regimes. They want change, a decent life in a modern democratic state and legislation adopted according to transparent principles. In situations of this kind, the EU should promote these values and do everything it can to ensure that the Arab countries avoid civil war or the taking over of power by extremists. I would like to stress that our support must be limited to political measures, and must not include military action. As the EU, we should support the Arab countries in the peaceful pursuit of reforms. There is a clear need for dialogue, both with the representatives of the outgoing authorities and with the opposition, including Islamic movements. The EU needs to be more present in the region, and the entire European neighbourhood policy needs to be revised, which will make it possible to promote democracy more effectively not only in the Arab countries, but also in countries neighbouring us to the east, such as Belarus. We need effective strategic plans which include appropriate EU financial aid for promoting democracy, civil society and human rights. I believe that the EU should speak with one voice and express unequivocal condemnation for anti-democratic regimes."@en1

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