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"The wave of indignation in the countries of Africa and their peoples’ struggles, in particular, those of the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt, demand our greatest attention and solidarity. In the specific case of Egypt, whose people continue to fight for their social and labour rights, for social justice, for democracy and for freedom, we vehemently condemn the repression that, under orders from President Mubarak’s Government, has been and continues to be directed at the struggling workers and people, and we pay homage to the almost 100 Egyptian citizens killed by state violence. Just as in Tunisia and several other countries of the Arab world and of Africa, the situation in Egypt is intrinsically linked to the deepening of the crisis of capitalism and the violent antisocial offensive that characterises it, not least in view of the exponential growth of unemployment affecting young people and the exponential rise in food prices. The recent events in Egypt and the broad social movement that characterises them are also intrinsically linked to the courage, persistence and determination of organisations representing the workers, and of other progressive people’s movements that have been undertaking important actions in the struggle for many years and under very difficult conditions. We continue to argue for a political solution, found within a framework of strict respect for the sovereign will of the Egyptian people, free from any external interference, manipulation or pressure."@en1

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