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"In 1995, the European Union outlined the ambitious target of creating peace, stability and prosperity in the Mediterranean region. The Mediterranean countries obtained funding on condition that they would undertake the necessary economic and political reforms. None of this happened, however. In most cases the EU’s attempt to help its southern neighbours was rather led by the fear that Islamic radicals might come to power, thus threatening the stability of the region. Support for authoritarian regimes, as history shows, does not pay. It did not pay for the United States in South and Central America, and it is not paying for the EU either. Some critics are quite rightly calling us hypocrites. We talk about human rights, about the need for social dialogue, and about economic development, and yet for decades we have ignored the fact that Tunisia and other North African countries have been ruled by cruel and undemocratic regimes. It has to be said that this amounts to a dramatic failure for those who promoted such a policy. The embarrassing call made by EU representatives for Mubarak to organise democratic elections is just the sad outcome of this failed policy."@en1

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