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"Over the last few days the situation in Tunisia and other countries on the southern Mediterranean rim has come to a head. Dozens of people involved in violent demonstrations against the high cost of living and the country’s lack of a free market have lost their lives. I would like to take the opportunity to recall that in 1995 the EU launched a partnership programme with the Mediterranean in Barcelona, which aimed to bring about economic, political, military and social cooperation. However, at present these aims are far from having been achieved. The dramatic situation in Tunisia demonstrates the urgent need for a European vision for the Mediterranean, or indeed the involvement of the southern rim countries in the current partnership and neighbourhood policies. The situation in Egypt has grown even worse in just the last few hours. There have been reports of several people being wounded and killed in clashes taking place across the country between the police and people demonstrating against President Mubarak’s government. I believe that the path we need to take in these countries’ interests, but in Europe’s interests especially, is that of supporting economic and social reforms capable of meeting the aspirations of much of the population and which ought to bring peace and a gradual improvement in living conditions in the countries of North Africa."@en1

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