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"Madam President, the very fact that we are discussing Tunisia – our initial topic – at a time when Egypt has reached boiling point is indicative of how far we are trailing behind reality, even if the title of our debate can be changed with ease. Our public reactions have been timid, expressing concern and addressing pious appeals for restraint and dialogue in the middle of revolutions, demonstrating a lack of practical sense. Even the expectations that the revolutions would lead to societies based on our set of values ignore the cultural and religious differences separating those societies from ours. How to react then? First we should realise that this is a challenge asking for a common coordinating answer, not a competition on who demonstrates first the most compassion. Baroness Ashton, your words will carry the necessary authority with their audiences only if fully backed publicly by the Council in its entirety. Second, we should start being preoccupied with the end result of those revolutionary movements. What kinds of regimes will result? And, in the end we should respect their right to decide for themselves."@en1

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