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"Madam President, many things have already been said, but I would like to echo all the words of sympathy and support that have already been addressed to the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt. They are a symbol of hope for all those who defend freedom. My thoughts are also with the victims. I would now like to say that the European Union, which has been notable for its lack of reaction, as others have said, must indeed support the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt in order to help them successfully open up their countries to reform and establish democracy. The European Union has decided to support the Tunisian leaders in their efforts to begin a peaceful transition, organise the forthcoming elections in order to win freedom and help the Tunisian people to enjoy the prosperity that comes from development and social peace, and from an economy that gives employment to the young. I would like to conclude by saying that the Union for the Mediterranean has an important challenge to meet, as the Jasmine Revolution has unleashed a wave throughout all the States of North Africa, the Near East and the Middle East. It must implement a strong strategy towards these countries. A word of warning, however: faced with this legitimate democratic movement, Europe must strike a balance between non-interference in internal affairs, support for the legitimate aspirations of these peoples and stability."@en1

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