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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, it is time that Europe made efforts to give the Tunisian people and their transitional government concrete support and to re-launch a Euro-Mediterranean dialogue that has been badly neglected in recent years. The explosion of anger among the young people and the poor in the Maghreb and Egypt has been caused by the inequitable distribution of wealth and restrictions on people exercising their fundamental freedoms. North Africa is fired up and is demanding more democracy, better economies, more participation and more employment, while looking in disbelief at the old continent of Europe, which is immobile and unable to grasp the social transformation that has taken place in the region or to develop genuine policies for progress and peace. Europe needs to be pay closer attention to human rights and democracy and must promote more dialogue, more collaboration and more genuine economic assistance. Europe must open its doors and its heart to North Africa, so that the Mediterranean can become a sea of peace. There must be no more rejection of migrants through violent collaboration with countries like Libya. What we need is more investment, more openness, more aid and more of a Euro-Mediterranean policy. History demands it of us."@en1

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