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"Mr President, Baroness Ashton, ladies and gentlemen, as many have said, it is certainly desirable for democracy to be established in North Africa, just as we have democracy here in Europe. However, there are also risks that we must face up to. We all remember the attack against Coptic Christians that took place over Christmas, right there in Egypt. Our fear, Baroness Ashton, is that we might one day end up with an Islamic dictatorship in North Africa. From this point of view, it is vital for Europe to be on guard so that we do not get into a situation where there are hostile countries in North Africa which, we must remember, has many trade links with Europe. There is no doubt that in the current economic crisis our economies will not react well to this destabilisation. We should also bear in mind that this destabilisation is certain to have repercussions on immigration, especially into southern European countries. I therefore call upon the Commission and the High Representative to be vigilant over these matters."@en1

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