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"Mr President, Baroness Ashton, some people say that you cannot learn from history. However, we should nevertheless try to do so. With regard to the heckling concerning Iran – and Mr Cohn-Bendit has already responded to that – I would like to mention once again what happened in Iran at that time. We supported a dirty regime. We more or less tolerated the secret police, who at that time were working against people and torturing people. The United States, together with the United Kingdom, overthrew Mohammad Mossadegh, who wanted a peaceful revolution. We have made some progress in this regard now, but we have still not come far enough. I believe that we need to say very clearly – and in this regard I agree with my fellow Member who has already mentioned this – that we need to be on the side of the people who started and stepped up this revolution – and this was not the Islamists. Let us be pleased about the great opportunity presented by the fact that the revolution was not started by the Islamists but by the people on the street, by ordinary citizens, who were dissatisfied with social injustice, the economic situation and the lack of democracy. That is what happened here. Baroness Ashton, ladies and gentlemen, let us look at ourselves with a self-critical eye because part of our neighbourhood strategy has collapsed as a result of this. Furthermore, part of our neighbourhood strategy was based on there being stability. We need peace in the Middle East. We expected peace in the Middle East to rest with the dictatorships and the dictators and that is not possible, nor is it acceptable. We therefore need to speak and express our opinion clearly. Peace in the Middle East will be lasting only if it is based on democracy and not on dictatorships. Therefore, Baroness Ashton, we must express our opinion loud and clear. I know that you are known for your gentle approach, but in this regard I agree with my fellow Members that we need to be loud and clear. You need to speak so loudly that you drown out many of the voices of our foreign ministers, sometimes perhaps even so loud that we do not hear the voice of Hillary Clinton, but the voice of Catherine Ashton. That is what this Parliament expects. Take this also as proof of our confidence in you that we expect you to be very clear in what you say."@en1

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