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"Mr President, what is happening now in countries like Tunisia and Egypt is an immensely important development. People are rising up against dictatorial despots and that is a good thing. The big question, of course, is what is going to follow in the wake of these events. There is something of a paradox when it comes to democratisation in the Islamic world, where more democracy often leads to more Islamism, which in turn leads to less democracy. Obviously, we from Europe should support the democratic process. However, that support should be given to genuine democratic forces and we should never intentionally assist an organisation such as the Muslim Brotherhood in establishing a theocratic dictatorship in Egypt by giving it the EU’s support. Otherwise, we will end up with situations such as that which we are now witnessing in Iran playing out across the whole region. Let us therefore be prudent in our choice of partners. After all, Ben Ali and his party were still members of the Socialist Internationale until a few weeks ago. Now that the wind has turned, though, he has been expelled from it overnight. Well, ladies and gentlemen, be prudent in the future, be careful in your choice of partners and do not make things easy for the Islamists."@en1

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